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Junk Science

Posted by Anthony on December 7, 2009

No, not Intelligent Design. I’m talking about Anthropogenic Global Warming, or man made global warming.

The notion that humans can devastate the planet’s weather so critically that the human race will become extinct, or near extinct is fear-mongering at its worst. It would appear Republicans aren’t the only ones capable of fear-mongering. Whodathunkit! What makes people think humans can radically destroy our planet?

Most temperatures show an increase, but these are from surface stations. This report by Anthony Watts shows the incredibly crappy maintenance of US surface temperature record stations. Some are put near air conditioning units, others on asphalt roads or near cell towers. All interfere with accurate temperature readings.

Now the EPA is expected to label CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, a public danger.

What the hell? The same stuff that we breath out, that is necessary for all life to exist, is a public danger? Who came up with that?

It is so pathetic to see something as essential as CO2 be considered a public danger, a poison and a pollutant, and have to be regulated by none other than the federal government.

As if we need more of that in our country.


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Appeal To Authority Doesn’t Work For Science, Either

Posted by Anthony on December 5, 2009

Bob Dylan, your words are etched in eternity forever: The times they are a changin’. If you are skeptical of global warming (not climate change) then you must be anti-science and a flat-earther.

Huh? Says who?

With only days to go before Copenhagen we mustn’t be distracted by the behind-the-times, anti-science, flat-earth climate sceptics. We know the science. We know what we must do.

That was spoken by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who must, as he says, also be a scientist. What-you don’t have to be a scientist to comment on global warming?

Then stop the appeal to authority argument. We are talking billions of deaths if anthropogenic global warming is deemed true, and because this organization says this, this crazy senator says that, and this scientist proves this, is all too much. Logic is in need right now.

Of course, with scientists changing data, they lose what ever value of authority they obtained. They should be shunned and kicked from all science fields for life.

The hatred for skeptics is unwarranted. Flat-earthers? Deniers? Nobody denies climate change; now anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is challenged by many people and supported by data.

Get some real data from reliable, unbroken machines, then come back with solutions.

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When The Far Right Goes Too Far

Posted by Anthony on December 5, 2009

With the recent ousting of Dede Scozzafava from being a GOP frontrunner because of her ties with ACORN, the Right wing majority in the US is gearing up for true conservatives to run for political office. But how far is too far?

Commenting on conservatives endorsing Hoffman over herself, Scozzafava said:

She says she was called a “child killer” and “rhino” and harassed about her weight and appearance.
“There were pieces of mail that said that I was a homosexual lover. There were people…insuating that somehow I was a lesbian,” she said.
So what does she think that means for the fate of the Republican party?
“If the type of hatred and the name-calling and the lies and innuendo is the soul of our party, all is not well,” she said.
The big decision came when Scozzafava decided to back the Democratic candidate and winner Bill Owens – not a decision she took lightly.
“When family members went into the poll, they wanted to vote for me and I just told them, ‘don’t’,” she said.

Now, hate mail to congressmen/women is nothing new, but the extreme factor has ramped up in the last year. Let me remind readers that name calling and harassment gets people nowhere-intellectual debate, coupled with sensible solutions, is the key to future success in the US. There is no room for ad hominem arguments in politics, especially at such pressing times.

Simply put, the GOP stabbed her in the back, which led her to endorse the Democrat.

The TEA party movement has a supermajority of sensible regular citizens who are concerned with the direction their country has taken in the last decade (I would push it further to the last few decades). Their ability to protest peacefully is applauded, but that by no means allows them to run for federal elections.

What the GOP party needs is experience. Cisco Cotto, local radio host for WIND in Chicago, IL, mulled the decision to run for Roland Burris’ vacant Senate seat in November ’10. While he has great solutions, he is better off voicing them from a radio station. It may seem harsh, but it isn’t realistic for a radio host to jump into federal elections. Cisco would fare better by running for State legislation and working his way up.

A list of TEA party influenced candidates running against Republicans can be found here. While some of the Republicans on there need to be removed from Congress (John McCain), the right person, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, needs to be put in Congress. Party colors do not matter (they never really should).

I propose this question: Who decides who is a true conservative, and who is a RINO (Republican In Name Only)? The Democrats are just as conservative as the Republicans right now.

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Success Or Failure, Surge Isn’t Good Idea

Posted by Anthony on December 5, 2009

On Tuesday, December 1st, President Obama announced to the country his plan for a troop surge in Afghanistan.  This came in response to General McChrystal’s report that was declassified back in late September.  It called for more US soldiers to be deployed in Afghanistan to combat an increase of fatalities and insurgent violence.

The move was met with criticism from both sides.  Many oppose the surge because they believe sending more troops is the exact opposite of what the country should be doing.  Others oppose the surge because there is a timetable of eighteen months before troops begin coming home.  Supporters point to the Iraq troop surge and its success, but that is no guarantee of another success in a completely different environment.  The terrain, civilians, and enemy are completely different than that of the ones in Iraq.  And anyway, who determines when the surge is deemed a “success”?  The criteria for this is unknown; it seems to be a ploy to score political points, which today is sadly a more important goal than securing the safety of our veterans.

The decision to publicly declare when US troops would begin to come home is dangerous to military operations.  Who is to say that insurgents will not hide and wait out the surge, and then resurface in eighteen months?  Would it not be wiser to keep any withdrawal information confidential?  Such information should never be released to the public and blared by all media outlets.

With the unwillingness of Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, to combat corruption in Afghanistan’s own government, some question whether it is worth it to continue fighting and helping them.  After all, if they refuse to help themselves, why cater to them?  All of it will be a waste in money, resources, and blood; surely, nobody wants that to happen, which is why President Obama continues to put pressure on Karzai to cooperate.  The war has dragged on for over eight years, and if Afghanistan will not cooperate, then they should be left on their own.

One drawback of this troop surge is an obvious but critical one-it puts 30,000 more US soldiers in danger.  For months now, they have been held back on a leash by strict Rules of Engagement (ROE), one of which calls for US retaliation only in imminent danger.  The measure provides a minimal chance of civilian casualties, but at the expense of an increased chance of soldiers dying.  Rather than have soldiers shoot at the enemy hiding in civilian homes, they are advised to clear out safely unless, again, “in imminent danger”.  It’s a war-are they not always in imminent danger?

What is most mind boggling are the political pundits, radio/TV hosts, and politicians who have no idea how wars are “run”, and yet they call for massive troop increases.  One wonders what they would say if they had a son, daughter, or even themselves who would be shipped over there.  Would they still support a surge?  Do they even know what has been going on in Afghanistan, or is their solution just to put more soldiers into the meat grinder?  These “pundits” need to sit down, shut up, and let the military Generals do the talking, for experience has always been worth more than authority.

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