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Junk Science

Posted by Anthony on December 7, 2009

No, not Intelligent Design. I’m talking about Anthropogenic Global Warming, or man made global warming.

The notion that humans can devastate the planet’s weather so critically that the human race will become extinct, or near extinct is fear-mongering at its worst. It would appear Republicans aren’t the only ones capable of fear-mongering. Whodathunkit! What makes people think humans can radically destroy our planet?

Most temperatures show an increase, but these are from surface stations. This report by Anthony Watts shows the incredibly crappy maintenance of US surface temperature record stations. Some are put near air conditioning units, others on asphalt roads or near cell towers. All interfere with accurate temperature readings.

Now the EPA is expected to label CO2, or Carbon Dioxide, a public danger.

What the hell? The same stuff that we breath out, that is necessary for all life to exist, is a public danger? Who came up with that?

It is so pathetic to see something as essential as CO2 be considered a public danger, a poison and a pollutant, and have to be regulated by none other than the federal government.

As if we need more of that in our country.


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Appeal To Authority Doesn’t Work For Science, Either

Posted by Anthony on December 5, 2009

Bob Dylan, your words are etched in eternity forever: The times they are a changin’. If you are skeptical of global warming (not climate change) then you must be anti-science and a flat-earther.

Huh? Says who?

With only days to go before Copenhagen we mustn’t be distracted by the behind-the-times, anti-science, flat-earth climate sceptics. We know the science. We know what we must do.

That was spoken by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who must, as he says, also be a scientist. What-you don’t have to be a scientist to comment on global warming?

Then stop the appeal to authority argument. We are talking billions of deaths if anthropogenic global warming is deemed true, and because this organization says this, this crazy senator says that, and this scientist proves this, is all too much. Logic is in need right now.

Of course, with scientists changing data, they lose what ever value of authority they obtained. They should be shunned and kicked from all science fields for life.

The hatred for skeptics is unwarranted. Flat-earthers? Deniers? Nobody denies climate change; now anthropogenic (man-made) global warming is challenged by many people and supported by data.

Get some real data from reliable, unbroken machines, then come back with solutions.

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