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Dying From A Lack Of Insurance?

Posted by Anthony on December 12, 2009

How does one die from a lack of insurance? One can go to a free clinic or an Emergency Room. Is it that Medicaid is not properly funded?

Well then why not spend some of that one trillion, dedicated to radically changing the US health care system, on Medicaid? Patch the holes, but do not tear down and rebuild.

Because there is no need for that, and every American knows this. It is not a push for socialism, as many far right citizens have cried out. But it is unnecessary, and the motive behind it is political, not the benefit of helping others out.

2,000 pages for a bill – who the hell is going to read 20 pages of it? No one. Not Congress, and not the average citizen.

Put funds into unfunded programs that can work. No more of this nationalized health care business – it helps no one. Sure, everyone has access to health care, but not everyone gets to use it.

45,000 uninsured die. Many more insured die. The US health care system needs real solutions; some need to focus on insurance companies and what they can/can’t do, others need to focus on the system itself. Moving records to computers saves money and is easier to use.


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