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New Blog…Oops

Posted by Anthony on March 28, 2010

Forgot, LOL.


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Saints Win

Posted by Anthony on February 7, 2010


But The Who rocked the hell outta that stadium.

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Scott Brown Wins

Posted by Anthony on January 19, 2010

And I resume blogging later this week.

Win win.

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One Step Closer To Disaster

Posted by Anthony on December 21, 2009

Late last night, the Senate passed a procedural vote for its health care bill. A vote on final passage is expected on Christmas Eve (how convenient). After that, the two houses of Congress would merge their bills for a final vote. Bipartisanship took no role in this 60-40 vote.

I noticed, as I watched this midnight vote occur, that Harry Reid uses emotion to put forth his case. He brought up individual constituent cases that might seem heartbreaking, but everyone has their sob story. He argues that action needs to take place now – and yet the bill takes action in 2013.

What. The. Hell.

Does that mean all those deaths from “a lack of insurance” (let’s remember that people with insurance also die) can be placed on Harry Reid for not letting the bill’s job begin earlier, like 2010?

Such a question might be too difficult for a politician to answer.

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Grayson Gets A B+

Posted by Anthony on December 19, 2009

Continuing with the mocking of President Obama giving himself a B+ on his presidency so far, I give Grayson a B+ for his response to a website.

That website is found here and was created in response to this website.

Alan Grayson has caught onto this website and has recently filed a complaint to Attorney General Eric Holder on the matter.

He is concerned with the title, as well as the fact that the woman does not live in his district, and is therefore not his congressman.

I don’t know the facts, but I do know this: Grayson is a political hack.

He called the GOP’s health care plan: Don’t get sick – if you do, die quickly!

Typical progressive hack to offer insults, not solutions.

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Nelson Is On Board

Posted by Anthony on December 19, 2009

Oh crap?

U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson, the lone Democratic holdout on the Senate health care reform bill, has reached an agreement with Democratic leaders, several Democratic senators said Saturday on Capitol Hill.

Seems like Democrats in Congress are more worried about that Christmas deadline than putting forth a real bill with real solutions.

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The Best Movie Line Ever

Posted by Anthony on December 12, 2009


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That Isn’t America, Ed

Posted by Anthony on December 12, 2009

Ed Schulz put out a real stinker in Huff Po, in which he talks about how his visit to a free clinic exposed him to real America.

On Thursday, I hosted my MSNBC “Ed Show” from the Kansas City Convention Center. There have been few days in my thirty year broadcasting career that have moved me as much as this experience did. I saw the real America. In the middle of the country, two thousand miles from the beltway, I witnessed middle class Americans standing in line for hours waiting to see a doctor. Some had not seen a doctor in years. They have jobs, some working two jobs, but can’t afford the cost of insurance and basically are on the GOP plan: pray you don’t get sick.

Ed, buddy, you gotta step away from Grayson’s comment. He declared there was another Holocaust, this time in the US health care system. If that isn’t a brain damaged comment, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, to call the GOP plan “pray you don’t get sick” is wrong, and of course you weasel out of it with the word “basically”.

Yes, medical costs have gone up. And they will continue to go up if the Senate bill passes.

National health expenditures would grow about $234 billion from 2010-2019 under the bill, 0.7 percent more than if nothing were done, Richard Foster, the chief actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said in the report.

So what costs are they cutting, exactly?

Getting back to Ed Schulz: He makes an emotional plea, which of course never works in politics (C’mon, Ed! Use your head!) You can bring up individual stories, Ed, but that doesn’t change the fact that the entire system is not crumbling before our eyes.

My God, what has happened to America ?


“Real America”, Ed, has been gone for awhile. It isn’t a line of poor people waiting to get free health care. It isn’t a bunch of fatcats waiting in line to cash their million dollar checks. It isn’t about tearing down the US health care system and rebuilding one which mimics European health care system.

Keep searchin’, Ed. You find it one day.

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Dying From A Lack Of Insurance?

Posted by Anthony on December 12, 2009

How does one die from a lack of insurance? One can go to a free clinic or an Emergency Room. Is it that Medicaid is not properly funded?

Well then why not spend some of that one trillion, dedicated to radically changing the US health care system, on Medicaid? Patch the holes, but do not tear down and rebuild.

Because there is no need for that, and every American knows this. It is not a push for socialism, as many far right citizens have cried out. But it is unnecessary, and the motive behind it is political, not the benefit of helping others out.

2,000 pages for a bill – who the hell is going to read 20 pages of it? No one. Not Congress, and not the average citizen.

Put funds into unfunded programs that can work. No more of this nationalized health care business – it helps no one. Sure, everyone has access to health care, but not everyone gets to use it.

45,000 uninsured die. Many more insured die. The US health care system needs real solutions; some need to focus on insurance companies and what they can/can’t do, others need to focus on the system itself. Moving records to computers saves money and is easier to use.

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No Evidence Of WMDs? Blair Still Would Have Invaded

Posted by Anthony on December 12, 2009

Tony Blair, in an interview by the BBC coming out tomorrow, states that he would have invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein even if there was no evidence of WMDs.

“I would still have thought it right to remove him. I mean obviously you would have had to use and deploy different arguments, about the nature of the threat.”

Nothing about the invasion was illegal. It was wrong, and it was drummed up by the neocons who were in office. But it was not illegal.

Did Saddam Hussein need to be removed and killed? Absolutely. He ran a terror regime; his sons raped newlyweds and punished failing athletes.

Britain is set to do a major investigation next year into its involvement in the Iraq War. One can only hope it is not going to be all about how the invasion was illegal, which garners no progress and comes away with nothing new learned.

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